Relax, we are there to help you

Proudly assisting designers

We love magazines and enjoy helping designers to achieve the result they had in mind. There is a lot of technology involved in creating a magazine and get it printed exact the way you wanted it. We love taking over the technical part, repetitive work and relieve you from the deadline stress. So you can focus on that what matters to you: designing! Weather you go exclusively to print or also need digital output we are there to release the burden.

Create beautiful articles

We take care of those tedious time consuming and/or repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.



Align your images

We will make sure that your images are all within your standard. Not only technically but also visually.


Image processing

Your design might need some image alteration like enlarging the image to make it fit on the page, removal of elements on the image, making text readable. We've been there, done that and got the T-shirt.



The heart of our communication in on our pinboard. You can freely move around your pages to get the desired flow of the magazine.Need to add a late advertisement? No problem, just put in on the pinboard and reorganise the pages.


Renumbering and PDF Creation

Just tell us your design is ready for output and we will pick your document up, renumber pages when needed and create print ready PDF files. We will show the result on the pinboard for your approval.


Delivery and Communication with Printer

We take care of the communication with the printer to make sure we are delivering the files in the way the printer wants them. Using the correct ICC profiles and file naming convention.To do so, you only need to approve the article/pages on the pinboard.


Digital Delivery

Many publishers require all kinds of digital output. This varies from images from the cover for online marketing, images of sample pages for the website, digital PDF editions for digital reading, print-ready PDF for digital print reproduction to XML output per article.We have the skills and knowledge to arrange this for you.

Our job? Helping you to get the job done!

As your assistant we're available 24/7 to get the job done. We are specialized in image processing and color correction. Print technology has no secrets for us. We have worked globally with heatset, web offset, offset and digital printers.

We are continuously updating our knowledge of technology and color and will make sure you will get your desired results in the most simple and efficient way.

First we generously take time to get to know you, your style and taste and the demands from your audience. This is essential to make sure we deliver exactly what you need. Then we will provide you with your own customized pinboard, where we will be working side by side. This offers you a 24/7 insight into the process and status of your articles/pages. The pinboard offers you the unique possibility to manage the whole process easily. And whenever you need assistance, we will be there.

How we do it? Being Proactive

We need to be able to access your designs. That can be simply with a shared dropbox or with systems like Elvis/Bynder/Woodwing.

The moment you share your design with us, and this can be still in your sketch phase we start monitoring it. We check if we can access all images. We check if the document might cause issues when going to print and inform you long before deadline. We make sure all your images are aligned and when you think it is good to go we take care of getting it to the printer in the right way. When the deadline is passed we create all digital output, when needed, for you so you can focus on the next issue of your magazine.

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