As your image assistant we're available 24/7 to get the best out of you and your images. We are specialized in image processing and color correction. Our continuously updated knowledge of technology and color will make sure you will get your desired results in a simple and efficient way.


As your output production assistant, we're specialized in creating the perfect publishing output. Whether it's for print, web or tablets, we're available 24/7 to get you the best possible output. Your customized online pinboard provides you with insight into the process and the status of your articles/pages.

Hi, we're Wolluk, your creative assistant

Proudly assisting creative professionals

We love great artwork and enjoy helping designers to achieve the result they really had in mind. There's a lot of technology involved in creating a great design or a beautiful work of art. You probably want to focus solely on creating, so let me handle the technical stuff. We love it! Also the repetitive work of imaging, let us take care of that. Because we believe that as a designer, all you should worry about is designing.


It's our mission to make sure you get the highest quality the easiest way.


Our flexibility in using all available tools and resources helps me to work for any budget. By using the right tools and resources at the right time we're able to comply with any communication strategy. Online all the time, offline when needed, and always with the optimal quality in mind.



  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Extremely interested in your style and preferences
  • Only around when you need me to be

Central Hub

  • Keeping everybody in the loop on the progress
  • Providing a clear overview of your work
  • Offering one single point of contact


  • No need for an office or office space
  • No inefficient commuting
  • No need to use your hardware, software or tools


  • 1, 10 or 1,000 images a day: processing all batch sizes
  • Adapting to your workflow seamlessly
  • Understanding your brand value


Creative Industry

We focus primarily on creative people working in graphic design. We love assisting independent creatives who are thorough and passionate about their profession.